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 We take a longer term view with our training and adhere closely to the philosophy of the international head of WSKF, Sensei Hitoshi Kasuyawho has brought our style of Shotokan closer to the original karate principles  promulgated by the founder of Shotokan  Karate, Sensei Funakoshi Gichin.

National Wide Training

WSKF india is spreaded through of India with National wide coaching centres with National wide trainers

Affiliated By


WSKF INDIA is one of India’s best, reputed karate federation aim to train a new edition of karate by world class trainers.

WSKF INDIA is affiliated by
• The world shotokan karate do fedration (WSKF Japan)
• Asia karatedo federation (AKF)
• World karate federation (WKF)
• Karate association of India (KAI)


WSKF INDIA main objective is to provide world class training under the guidance of world karate chiefs. WSKF INDIA has India wide training centres with best in class trainers. WSKF INDIA regularly organise the training camps and seminars through out India for the students to update their skills and useful abilities.


The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants – Funakoshi

When you look at life think in terms of karate. But remember that karate is not only karate — it is life. Gichi

A student well versed in even one technique will naturally see corresponding points in other techniques. – Gichin Funakoshi

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